Adventure Club

Who: Kids ages 3-12

When: Every Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 pm. during the school year

Registration Form:  Please mail to the church office or hand in forms to you child's director.

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Nightly Schedule

2022-23 Club Calendar

 The Curriculum

When the kids arrive at club, they will be taught the meaning of their memory verse during teaching time. They will also recite their memory verse and learn how it applies to their lives during small group time. The kids will also have a time to respond to the truths they learn during music time. There is also a time for fun and games. The club is designed in a way for the kids to learn big truths at an age-appropriate level.

The kid’s book has the weekly Bible memory verse, activities, a story, and a notes section depending on the age group. Each kid will receive a book depending on their age/grade;

Trackers (ages 3-5),

Scouts (grades 1-3), and

Trailblazers (grades 4-6).

All of the age/grade levels are taught the same lesson and memorize the same Bible verse.

However, the older kids are given additional verses. If you have children in different levels, you will only have one lesson and story to go over at home. An older child will benefit by helping their younger sibling.






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Join us Sunday at 

8:45am & 10:30am