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The Need for Compelling Christians

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When you are with a compelling person, you know it. Compelling people a have an effect, and at times unexplainably so. They possess a clear and driving force, and draw out urgent attention from those of us around them. They are not arrogant they just have impact on others. They are men and women of influence. Now ask yourself, are you that kind of person? I submit that ...

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Competitive Stewardship in a Culture of Consumption Part 1

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Competitive stewardship starts with asking probing questions. How does God desire me to live? What limit should my lifestyle have in order to prepare people for eternity? What does it mean to "use the world" but not make "full use" of it, as Paul commanded believers in 1 Cor 7:31? What does it look like to own but not possess, as Paul commanded us in 1 Cor 7:30? What does ...

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Part 2 of Competitive Stewardship in a Culture of Consumption

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5. A competitive steward hates waste. He seeks to see his hard-earned money again, not here and now, but forever, and compounded by the reward of Christ (2 Cor 5:10, Rv 22:12). In the vault of heaven all treasure is safe and secure. Moth will not eat it, rust will not destroy it, and thieves cannot steal it away (Mt 6:19-21, 1 Pt 1:5). No time sacrifice is required to fix,...

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Things That Do Not Change


Greetings GBC! It is exciting to remind you of the things that do not change and share with you some exciting things to come....

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How Have We Been Changing And Growing?


So how have we been changing and growing? There are lots of new things we’re working on right now as a church body....

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When is it Okay to Disobey Human Authority?

Hierarchy of Authority Syllogism (logic): Premise 1: God alone has absolute authority. Premise 2: God has delegated authority to five human institutions (the church, the government, "the boss", the marriage, the family, 1 Peter 2:9-3:7, Eph 6:1) Conclusion: Therefore, all human institutions have limited authority under God and are accountable to God for how they use or ...

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6 Reasons Why You Should Vote

Should Christians not vote? First, to not vote is ingratitude. It is to say what I have now is not worth preserving or improving. To not vote is to treat God's good gift of government with at best indifference and at worst resistance. Second, to not vote is unloving to God (Rom. 13). It shows that you are indifferent to Him being more reflected in the government of your ...

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A Catechism on Christian Love

As your pastor, I wish to encourage you to make the most of your family time by prioritizing family worship. Over the last 12 months, I have been developing a QA approach to teaching my kids important Christian truths. I think I was inspired by the (more recent) New City Catechism as well as the (more ancient) Westminster shorter catechism. I am amazed at how well received...

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Three Acts of Hope

A wise person has noted, "When everything seems to be falling apart around you, everything isactuallyfalling into place." Our wise, kind and eternally happy King remains sovereign (1 Tim 6:15). He has not been conquered or caught off guard. Remember it was God himself who said,"I form light and create darkness;I make well-being and create calamity; I am theLORD, who does...

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